Reflecting on testimonials

Receiving feedback on the book and program is such a wonderful thing. These two are 2 of the first ones right after the launch, and they make me feel warm every time I re-read them.

‘My son was missing foundational math pieces that left him discouraged and confused. Laurie’s program filled those gaps and maybe more importantly built his confidence in math. He went from barely passing, to an easy A.’ – Sandra (parent)
‘My grades skyrocketed with these methods and my understanding of math deepened. I highly recommend not only for struggling students but anyone who wants to strengthen their basics. The skills Laurie provides are easy to follow and fun to learn.’ – Lucy (student)

Testimonials have continued to come back right to date, and each and every one is very special to me.

The relief felt by parents that there is a simple way to address concerns has been a common theme; but the most wonderful warmth for me is to hear that it has eased a young person’s anxiety-knot for them to believe in themselves.

I am ultra busy again now preparing for the next stages in the book’s journey- the turn from July to August is a sharp one, as having had time to relax off a little, people are now starting to think about the September return to math… not easy when the sunshine tempts us outside to enjoy the outdoors… HAPPY AUGUST!