Getting ready for September

I think that once one has been a teacher, no matter where in the world, one always starts to get a ‘tummy feeling’ mid August that indicates that the school term is just around the corner, and the mind starts to go down a certain path towards getting ready, preparing for students and generally getting back ‘into the zone’!

I see fun social media posts from teacher friends about how they feel as the start of the new term looms, and even though I am now not heading ‘to a school classroom’ as such in September, I am beginning to think about my 1:1 teaching and about how BtGM is on its next leg of the journey. But of course, still making sure to make the most of summer weeks! I also have a lot of preparation to do for the talks and conferences happening in fall.

Most of the time over summer for me has been spent planning and preparing the next stages of the journey for the book, and my biggest challenge, as always, has been PR, marketing and generally getting awareness of the book’s existence ‘out there’… so this coming week, I am working at trying to connect with school districts to try to figure out the best way to do this.

Also, I have had a try at ‘boosting’ on FB to try out the idea of widening my social media networking- again, this is something I don’t find easy and I feel like I am feeling my way in the dark most of the time!! I try to get people to ‘like’, ‘share’ and do all the other things everyone else in the world seems to know about except me- but hey, I am trying…

Thank you to all the people who listen patiently when I phone them for advice and try to guide me and help. And now I must get on with more phone calls to school districts to see if they can help me… happy August!