Sept 2019: ‘My daughter struggled with fractions in Grade 5. Some friends attended one of Laurie’s talks and were raving about the easy 1 page concepts in the Bridge the Gap Math book. Without hearing the talk, I ordered the book. Since then my 11 year old daughter has been working through the book on her own (without me even asking her to). Each day after school she does 2-4 pages and she is telling me that fractions are easy now as the book explains them in simple concepts. She is finding the book a fantastic refresher on multiplication, division, area, mass, etc. as well. I finally got a chance to attend Laurie’s talk and feel I am now armed with lots of tips and tricks on supporting my daughter in her math journey.’ – Karie-Lea (parent)

Sept 2019: ‘Your book has been a lifesaver for my son and I this year! Your one page a concept really helped to reduce his anxiety enough to be willing to keep slowly trying with math.’ – Alison B (parent)

Aug 2019: ‘We are so very happy with your book. We have a very reluctant mathematician in our house and this has given us a framework to work in and some great tips and pointers. I dare say my husband and I have learned a thing or two in the process. 

Despite her lack of enthusiasm for doing math all summer (and really who can blame her???) I think she will be well pleased when she sees what a difference filling in the gaps will mean in Grade 7 math.’ – Frances (parent)

Mar 2019: ‘This is a (Facebook) post for all my teacher friends and fellow parents... I just learned so much about teaching math from local elementary math expert, Laurie Beesting. What a great resource this is- full of short and sweet, easy to implement mini-lessons that cover everything from grades 4-7. A much needed resource for all learners to make sure the bases are covered for a strong start in high school. 
Check it out at’ – Rebecca (parent)

Feb 2019: ‘...I could feel my 12 year old son lift up. Suddenly he understood something - that he COULD do math, he just needed some pieces explained to him again that he had missed…

Her (Laurie’s) book, Bridge the Gap Math, was introduced to us and we were able to complete perfectly formed, bite-sized pieces of math that were easy to do and tick off. 'Tick off' being the key here - it wasn't this laborious, never-ending slog of complicated math that would result in glazed eyes and "I'm tired" within 2 minutes. My son will now motivate himself to complete whatever 'homework' is set. It is painless, he gets it, I can see his mind thinking to learn and understand the math and then complete the tests given over the page. Done, understood, ticked off. Satisfaction achieved.

My son, who only a few months ago had all but given up on school, is now helping other classmates during math. His self-esteem has bounced back. He is applying himself better in other subjects too, not just math. No longer feeling behind and overwhelmed he's confident and positive about his educational future, even talking about pre-calculus!...

…I highly recommend it to everyone - not just those struggling.’ – Zoë (parent)

Jan 2019 Mom of 3: ‘It REALLY, REALLY is helping already… me, for starters. It is amazing how little I recall and how challenging it is having my own math struggles but needing to help my kids! That is what I didn't count on so much - how much it helped ME!’ …………..‘We have jumped in. Seriously! We've worked while waiting on the ferry, waiting for a sibling’s guitar lesson to end, and at home. All three. One page at a time.  My 15 year old son said:  Wow, I can't believe that I didn't know that I was always mixing up the definition for Product....etc.  So this is going to be a critical aspect in terms of math reparations!’

……(and to sister in Alberta) ‘Please meet Laurie Beesting. Laurie is well known on Bowen as an exceptional tutor for kids that span all levels of school. She has created this resource which I really believe will be a game changer for you guys, too. It has been a win for us and we've turned it into a game at the supper table. In fact, there are a few things that can be done that turn into a bit of a competitive game. I thought the kids would begrudge the extra effort, but they do not. The book has been set up very clearly, one skill per page. At the moment, our pace is two pages per night on top of regular homework.’ – Andrea (parent)

My son was missing foundational math pieces that left him discouraged and confused. Laurie’s program filled those gaps and maybe more importantly built his confidence in math. He went from barely passing, to an easy A.’ – Sandra (parent)

My grades skyrocketed with these methods and my understanding of math deepened. I highly recommend not only for struggling students but anyone who wants to strengthen their basics. The skills Laurie provides are easy to follow and fun to learn.’ – Lucy (student)

We can't thank Laurie enough. She made a huge difference in our daughter's life.’ – NS (parent)

Laurie has helped me feel a lot more confident in my math skills. She has ways of helping me remember things that I usually forget in math, and she simplifies things so they are a lot easier to understand. She is a very good math tutor – she is the only person who has ever made me understand what is going on in math.’ – Adrienne (student)

Laurie has a keen understanding of how important it is for children to have a solid grasp of math fundamentals. She manages to help kids work through gaps in their knowledge, and have fun whilst doing it. I would highly recommend her book!’ – Liesl (parent)

‘Laurie has a systematic program which tests a student’s core knowledge skills and gives me confidence as a homeschooling parent that my child has a solid understanding of the math curriculum for his grade.’ – Elle (parent)

‘Laurie’s approach had my pre-teen son excited about math! As he conquered each skill, piece by piece, his confidence grew. The small successes added up to a big jump in his grades.’ – Sandra (parent)

‘We can recommend Laurie's approach wholeheartedly. She really helped our child gain confidence in her abilities and move up in grades.’ – Neil (parent)

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‘Laurie has lots of tricks for advanced learners to keep the subject fresh and interesting.’ – EW (parent)

‘2 years later, I am still using the techniques Laurie taught me. Giving me all the small bits made it easy to put it together.’ – Troy (student)

‘Laurie has developed a systematic program to test a student’s core knowledge base, identify any weak spots, and provide focused learning in any flagged areas. The system is brilliant for advanced learners, as it allows them to progress quickly through material they already know, and keeps the student interested with fresh material.’ – EW (parent)

‘Laurie’s approach looked at math concepts from a different angle. This resonated with my son, as he step by step ‘got it’, his confidence grew along with his skills.’ – SH (parent)

‘Laurie's calm demeanour and simple, straightforward approach gave our daughter that extra something she needed to succeed in math.’ – NS (parent)

‘Our daughter needed help to keep her on track with math. Laurie was able to boost her confidence, and have her enjoy math too. A solid basis was formed on which she still builds.’ – AVW (parent)

‘Doing flash facts with Laurie is fun!’ – Max (student)