Using Bridge the Gap Math™

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‘I CAN / I KNOW’ checklists: a skills checklist is provided at the start of each Unit and should be used as a simple record keeping system to show how many times and when a skill is visited. There is a place to record ‘Achieved’ status, to record when the student and helper decide that the skill / concept is fully in place.

Sample from the Unit 2 I CAN / I KNOW checklist

Sample from the Unit 2 I CAN / I KNOW checklist

‘Achieved’ status: the checklists are helpful to refer to when the student is applying him/herself to other math activities, e.g. school homework, as they can see that there is proof that they do have the skill required to solve a problem, as the ‘I CAN / I KNOW’ chart says so...

...the skill is in the head somewhere, and just needs ‘fishing out’.

This encourages ownership and responsibility for learning.

High Conc Alert Symbol small.png

For tougher skills pages, where I have found in my experience that the student needs to have focused, ultra high concentration levels, there is a fun ‘warning’ symbol so you can ensure that the timing is just right to address the few concepts that are maybe a little harder to grasp, e.g. column multiplication.