More little summer ideas!

Some nice feedback from moms re little ideas for summer- so here are a few more… a quick fun discussion to have re what we know about triangles and quadrilaterals...

Can you name and draw 3 different types of triangles... and can you name and draw 6 different quadrilaterals? And when you look at the first few letters of 'tri'angle and 'quad'rilateral, what do you notice?

This can be done with really young children- or older children who have deeper understanding of geometry. Even more fun when done with colours and big paper- with a ruler or without- just get talking about shape! 

Math is fun! 😍 And certainly summer is not a time to feel overwhelmed with it, but little things can make a difference… (do keep the Times Tables at the forefront of the mind though- they are SO important and feed into so, so much future math success).