summer almost here

Well, summer is almost here, and it feels so good that we have some time ahead to relax, enjoy the summer and just kick back! PHEW!!

But moms, dads, students and parents know that come September it sometimes feels like we have forgotten everything we ever knew about math ha ha!!

So it is a good idea to do just a little, ‘teeny’ bit of math about twice a week over part of the summer- nothing heavy… just maybe identify a few tiny goals!

What type of thing?

Maybe ten minutes on a couple of days every week… how about a few minutes counting up in a Times Table, maybe doing just one question for division, maybe drawing 2D or 3D shapes… what about looking at mls on shampoo or milk containers, or maybe figuring out how g and Kg feature on weighing scales.

Never underestimate how just doing ONE little review question of skills already covered (e.g. one long division= 5 mins… counting up in 4s= 5 mins… naming six different quadrilaterals= 3 mins… one column subtraction= 5 mins) can keep skills REALLY HOT!!

Worth doing? I really think so. But go with the flow… after all, it is summer and we deserve to chill out and enjoy!