spring break closes- preparing students for next step

Now is a good time for parents to start thinking about getting math back on track ready for the next math ‘chapter’… and it is a good time to take stock of where we are. To use the next 12 weeks up to summer to firm up some essentials, particularly Times Tables as they feed in to so much, is a great idea . I am so happy the book is helping so many….. and in such a wide variety of learning needs/reasons/styles/scenarios.

One parent fed back this week that they found it useful to have the short videos (I am so proud of them- raw as they are!), and also to read the suggested first session guidance in the book introduction, as they said getting started was a big thing.

I am excited to say that in addition to the Langley and Kelowna Education Conferences (where I am     delighted to be a speaker and vendor at both), I am now also going to be at the BC CPAC conference in  May!! So exciting for me in this next stage of Bridge the Gap Math.

Deep breath for parents, students and new math book authors!