BtGM... reaching and helping... who for??

As I make my way (slowly) through the tricky (for me) marketing process of the book’s journey to ‘get it out there’ across Canada (I am finding the social media part so hard to understand- deep sigh), I have found myself in conversations with a wide variety of people in different ‘education’ situations.

I needed to evaluate, so thought it would be good for this week’s BLOG. So here is a summary of people with whom I have had conversations around how the book can be used to help…. and some audiences, customers and ‘areas of learning’ looking at or using the book/program so far:

  • mainstream students/parents in upper elementary school to firm up, backtrack or fast-track core math concepts

  • mainstream students/parents in high school to backtrack

  • mainstream use in schools (private & public schools/academies- possible ‘Intervention program’ for G6/7)

  • home learning: DLs/schools/programs/PACS (POs now accepted from DLs)

  • learning centres/tutoring centres

  • teenage students working through the book alone

  • teaching assistants (EAs) own reference

  • adult use- for own learning or to help support their children

  • special education: (DL, Public, Private) language based learning/ADHD/dyslexia/autism

  • students with math anxiety

  • International students (a target is to connect with more International Baccalaureate programs)