Bridge the Gap Math™ Book - Canadian Edition


Bridge the Gap Math™ Book - Canadian Edition


Equips and empowers parents to tutor just the often-missing-but-really-need-to-know-bits from the Intermediate Math (Gr 4-7) curriculum

Page count: 257 pages to include 100 lessons, record keeping and step by step guidance

Price: $51.95

ISBN: 978-1-9994385-0-0

Publication date: December 2018

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Bridge the Gap Math™

A NEW & DIFFERENT parent/student handbook to equip and empower parents to tutor their child in JUST the often-missing-but-really-need-to-know-bits from the Grade 4-7 curriculum.

NOT another single Grade math text book; instead handpicked and bite-sized GOLDEN KEYS to being prepared for, or coping better with G7 and High School math.

“My son was missing foundational math pieces that left him discouraged and confused. Laurie’s program filled those gaps and maybe more importantly built his confidence in math. He went from barely passing, to an easy A” - Sandra (Parent)

My grades skyrocketed with these methods and my understanding of math deepened. I highly recommend not only for struggling students but anyone who wants to strengthen their basics. The skills Laurie provides are easy to follow and fun to learn.’” – Lucy (student)

We can't thank Laurie enough. She made a huge difference in our daughter's life.’”NS (parent)