I am Laurie Beesting: B Ed Hons – teacher and math tutor of 28 years.

I taught in UK mainstream schools 1990-2011 holding several senior positions, then began as 1:1 math tutor in Canada 2011 to present day.

I am excited to launch my new and different resource to help and support parents… to help and support their children!

Bridge the Gap Math™

JUST the ‘hand-picked golden key essentials’… the ‘often-missing-but-really-need-to-know-bits’ from the G4-7 math curriculum.

It is a ‘script-like’ program of what I teach daily to ensure my Intermediate math students are better prepared for G7 and high school;

* The timing is good as there is much media coverage both in Canada and UK presently about Intermediate math and how we can best help our students be firm in math fundamentals.

* After trialing for 6 years, I am excited to share it with parents; my key moment was when I realized that what I was doing with my math students could be shared with thousands more students if I told parents WHAT I do and HOW I do it.

It helps to untangle the knot of anxiety felt by parents and students alike.

Bridge the Gap Math™… ‘nail the essentials; move on’