September arrives... and another heart warming testimonial

September is here! Back to it everyone…  (did I hear a groan?)

Lots happening now that Sept has arrived… it is wonderful to see it going in directions I never dreamed of. It is helping build confidence in math for students across Canada… and that just blows me away.

A new heart warming testimonial- and as always, these mean the world to me…
Sept 2019: ‘Your book has been a lifesaver for my son and I this year! Your one page a concept really helped to reduce his anxiety enough to be willing to keep slowly trying with math.’ – Alison B (parent)

Again, thanks to all people who go to the trouble of feeding back their feelings about the program. Now I have to process some new requests to do more speaking events in BC- so that is today’s agenda for my brain.

New pencils, new books, new folders…  (don’t you just love that feeling- even the smell!)… and hopefully new determination to do well in math!

Happy September everyone.