North Vancouver City Library talk- a next day testimonial!

After a wonderful welcome from the staff at North Van City Library yesterday (my second talk here), I was overjoyed to receive another great testimonial this morning from a mom: My daughter struggled with fractions in Grade 5. Some friends attended one of Laurie’s talks and were raving about the easy 1 page concepts in the Bridge the Gap Math book. Without hearing the talk, I ordered the book. Since then my 11 year old daughter has been working through the book on her own (without me even asking her to). Each day after school she does 2-4 pages and she is telling me that fractions are easy now as the book explains them in simple concepts. She is finding the book a fantastic refresher on multiplication, division, area, mass, etc. as well. I finally got a chance to attend Laurie’s talk and feel I am now armed with lots of tips and tricks on supporting my daughter in her math journey.

Another talk at Lynn Valley Library tonight 7pm… a chance to meet and hopefully help more Vancouver parents. Thank you to all for your amazing and overwhelming support as I endeavour to move the book into phase two!