Sept/Oct events

As we find ourselves in week three already of the new school term, I am getting ready for some new speaking events coming up:

  • Tues 24th Sept: North Vancouver Library (this is my second talk here)

  • Wed 25th Sept: Lynn valley Library

  • Mon 21st Oct: Private presentation for PAC

  • Fri 25th Oct:  BC Association of Math teachers

‘Phase two’ of the book  is now well on its way, with lots going on behind the scenes. Most of the awareness of the book’s existence is currently in BC, so a big target now is to try to increase awareness in other provinces- Ontario has been in the news a lot recently with articles around concerns re math fundamentals…. I CAN HELP! OK time to work on my talks, with trusty audience of 2 cats and a chicken who thinks she is a cat…