Countdown to September

Well, it is the final countdown to Sept new school term, and just to niggle teachers everywhere, it is raining MID AUGUST, making it feel even closer to fall… time to cram in BBQs, outdoor living and wearing shorts.

I am SO excited about Sept and have been busy working on a series of talks for fall- a new one is that I will be doing a speaking spot/presentation about the book at the TLA Conference (Traditional Learning Academy) the day after Labour Day:

Tuesday 3rd September 2019: Surrey, BC - Traditional Learning Academy - Surrey Parent Convention 12:15-1:00 Workshop 4 - Bridge the Gap Math

“Program designed for those who sense their struggles are because they “missed something in math” earlier on in their studies. This resource continues to grow in popularity and enjoys a great reputation as very useful for struggling students.” Although the conference is in Surrey, there will be a series of conferences to follow this across BC - all the way up to Prince George.

Two other talks for me will be in North Vancouver on 24th and 25th Sept, followed by a speaker spot at BC AMT (Association of Math Teachers) in Oct- so lots of rehearsing in front of my 2 cats and our chicken, who has taken to making herself comfortable in the house; this would be very cute except she poops without warning.

Sept is also the time when I will need to take stock of how to go about this next marketing stage, as social media is not my strong point… but a few months ago, someone said to me that word-of-mouth is the best PR for a new text book, and indeed, this IS happening, which makes me feel so, so happy I could burst.

Ok- time to get some orders in the post… and then back for BBQ, sitting on the deck and wearing shorts… if the rain stops. Happy last week of August- almost time to ‘Bridge the Gap to September’ ha ha!