A deep breath after 'phase one'!

Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May saw two events to bring the presentations, workshops, ‘speaker-spots’ and talks on Intermediate math to a close for summer (unless something pops up last minute!). The learning curve since January this year has been so, so steep, but utterly wonderful.

Fri 24th/Sat 25th was the Langley Home School Conference, where I was both exhibitor and speaker. I LOVED the event and met some wonderful people and ‘connections’- all of whom I hope to re-connect with over summer or fall- some exciting things in the pipeline!

Sun 26th was my talk at the beautiful venue of Cove Commons on Bowen Island (where we had the ‘book launch’ only 17 weeks ago… REALLY?!!)- also wonderful, as was able to talk with parents about Intermediate math and beyond. As always, a huge focus was on Times Tables knowledge and how it has a huge impact on math success. This also marked for me that I am starting to feel at ease with presenting, and have come a long way from where I started out.

So since last weekend, we have been able to reflect on where we are and make some decisions about how to move forward.

I hope to see my book helping parents and students across the whole of Canada… and when an order comes in from Alberta, Ontario, Prince George, Kootenays, Yukon etc. I pinch myself to think of the (my!!) book sitting on the table of those homes.

Now it is time to consider how best to go about marketing in a bigger picture… but one DL school teacher said to me that ‘word-of-mouth’ is THE most powerful form of marketing for a new math resource like mine, and that feels reassuring as we go about thinking about this next phase/next chapter in the Bridge the Gap Math journey.

THANK YOU sincerely to all those people who have helped me to piece little jigsaw pieces together. I am grateful to each and every one of you.

And I will never ever forget how the utterly wonderful Michelle Peters, (the book’s designer) enabled us to reach this stage- her patience, professionalism, creativeness and kindness will be with me forever- she is with me whenever I pick it up to admire the cover and the pages. Thank you MP!