wow, wow, wow

16 weeks from the book launch Jan 19th, and what a time. Today’s blog is a chance for me to take stock and reflect on where we are with Bridge the Gap Math™ .

Jan 3rd: local newspaper article: launch event Jan 19th on Bowen Island

Feb 6-11th: Canadian Online Home School Conference

Mar 5th: first presentation: Bowen Island Community School: ‘Let’s Talk Intermediate Math!’

April 26/27th: speaker and exhibitor at Kelowna BC CHEC Conference

May 1st: speaker at North Vancouver City Library

May 3rd: exhibitor at BC CPAC, Richmond- an incredible experience for me to connect with principals, teachers, DPACs, parents and education ministers

May 7th: presentation at Island Discovery Learning Community (IDLC) DL, Bowen Island

And coming up...

May 17th: INSET presentation on Intermediate math at a West Van Elementary School

May 24/25th: speaker and exhibitor at BC Home Learning Conference (BC HLC), Langley

May 26th: presentation at Bowen Island Public Library- parent workshop: using summer to firm up math

Sept & Oct/ fall and new year...  3  Sept /Oct bookings for talks at PACS and libraries... and more in the pipeline

Taking bulk orders from schools and groups is helping us to see that all the hard work has been worthwhile; now it is time to follow up the new directions, connections, and begin to look at the new roles opening up for me as educator and author... and time to develop further the idea of having ‘speaker’ as a main role in my career.

Wonderful to really FEEL in my heart that this product CAN make a difference. Feedback has been unbelievable. Every parent WANTS to be able to support their child at home to do well in math; and I KNOW it works. I FEEL I can help Canada to see more children reaching the end of Grade 7 with a firm foundation and confidence in math. Dare I share my target, that I hope to see this book in every household where there is a G 4, 5, 6 or 7 student? My book CAN make a difference. There. I did dare and I said it. Big dreams, big plans maybe... but still back to teaching it this coming Mon to Fri ha ha!