Inspiring speaker

I was lucky enough to attend a 4 hour long workshop/talk last week given by Joshua Angiola form New Westminster School District… he was speaking at Bowen Island IDLC (Home Learning Centre). He was sharing math ‘lesson’ ideas to enable parents to pick up ideas for making learning math ‘live’, colourful and meaningful. It was so wonderful to listen to someone currently central to mainstream and home learning math teaching in BC and I loved learning more details about how math is taught in many centres, schools and homes. Thank you Josh for an interesting, informative and interactive session.

I found it very refreshing to sit back and listen, as I have been so engrossed recently in developing my own program; it made me feel alive to be part of this! We are all trying to make math something to make friends with and be  excited about… and to make the experiences of students working through their math journey be  positive ones! There are so many people working to find WAYS to make math meaningful… and developing methods and programs to suit different learning styles/needs- because let’s face it- we are all very different in the ways we learn anything- and it is so exciting that there are so many educators committed to researching different ways to teach math, so it can reach everyone.

Math is part of ALL our lives, every day.

I am so excited now about the Kelowna BC CHEC Conference (only a week away), as it will mean further connections with people who are trying to find ways to make math success accessible, do-able and achievable.  One more run through of my presentation to do (or maybe 2)… and then it’ll be here! I hope I can come across as well as Josh.

Happy Easter- count your Easter eggs, multiply them, divide them, look at their shape, fraction them up, sort them…. and then eat them. Or on second thoughts, just eat them.