Big events… big deals… big deep breaths!

So this week has been all about preparing for my speaking events, and I’m feeling excited and hopeful that this next chapter is taking me on a path towards being able to reach further afield audiences. My hope is that this book becomes a valued staple product across Canada.

My very first presentation in March, ‘Let’s talk Intermediate Math’ was a big deal for me, kindly made possible by the principal and PAC of Bowen Island Community School. Since then, I have honed the content, tweaked and tailored it more towards cramming as much content in as possible demonstrating methods, techniques and ideas to share the things I do with my students when they are here 1:1. After all, the content of the lessons is what the whole program/book is about- it is a script- taken right from my core! My cats have been very patient throughout all my trial runs… and are rather rude in that they do sleep through most of it.

The up and coming events are:

  • Kelowna BC CHEC (exhibitor and speaker) 26th/27th April

  • North Vancouver City Library (Lonsdale): speaker… and books available to buy… 7pm May 1st

  • BCCPAC: conference at Richmond… May 3rd (just an exhibitor here)

  • IDLC:  private Home Learning School on Bowen: speaker at private PAC gathering May 7th

  • Langley Home School Conference 24th/25th May (speaker and exhibitor)

  • Speaker at Bowen Library 26th May

  • And I am hoping to do many more later in the year as have several in the pipeline.

The content of the talks is 5 mins bio to let people know I am a qualified teacher of 28 years (where did that time go?), and then 30 mins talking about the issues surrounding how we can help students cope better with Intermediate math and the mental and physical journey towards and then through high school; but then the rest of the time (30-40 mins depending on how much time I have) demonstrating some of my most successful and simple as possible techniques- these mini-lessons have proved to be most helpful to parents.

Wish me luck.