Accepting POs (Purchase Orders) from Home Schooling Groups

A little step further along the right lines- with the help of a patient husband and very helpful people in Home Learning Groups, I found out how to be able to accept POs as payment for the book. Only registered with Heritage Christian Online School right now, but have been able to add to the BUY NOW page, that if people let me know their group, I will process an application so POs can be used. Hopefully a step in the right direction to connecting with Home Learning Groups.

Next job…  we need to learn how to reach out to a larger network of Home Schooling Groups and Schools!

Every week there is another little piece of the jigsaw in place… I bumped into a friend in my local store today who asked how long it took me to write the book- I told her it took 6 weeks to write and then three years to reach publication ha ha! One step at a time Laurie… I always did want everything to happen YESTERDAY!!

I have such faith in Bridge the Gap Math™- but my tech and social media skills are still in the Dark Ages… sigh. Ah well- onwards and upwards.