spring break reflections

Spring break and exactly 9 weeks since launch.

Working with my math students 1:1 still whilst the book has been ‘shared out there’ has felt rather odd- like as I am (still) saying the same things to teach concepts, others are doing it at the same time, reading my book!

I know this program WORKS!! I see children leaving, punching the air; their chests are expanded and their heads are high… with pride and RELIEF.

Feedback from mainstream, homelearning and special education has been coming to me via various mediums- Facebook and other social media, personal messages, repeat orders, telephone conversations and oral feedback locally. I am definitely feeling that it is more versatile than I first imagined it to be: the simplicity (short, snappy, comforting, to-the-point, no-big-deal-feel) is hitting the spot for children wanting to get ahead, those wanting to back track with dignity and those needing a different approach to what is already out there; several adults have taken it for their own use! And that is what it is… a collection of ONLY the main fundamentals arranged in a way to FEEL do-able in and amongst the other zillion aspects to a day.

I now need to find the best and most appropriate way to share big time with mainstream, homeschool and Special Education, via conferences, speaking publically about my passion for Intermediate math essentials being in place, workshops, social media, emailing and networking. I continue to worry about being weak in social media understanding, but am working on it. Andy and I are hoping to have some simple videos on the website ASAP as many parents have said they would like it.

Next steps for me now are BC CHEC speaker, speaking to Lonsdale Home Learner Group, speaking at North Van City Library, Langley Home School Conference, and making a plan of how to go about this next chapter.

Wonderful feedback and testimonials keep coming- so thank you to all.