Reaching special education and learning differences... including autism, ADHD and anxiety

This week has taken my mind, my energies and the book in a wonderfully new direction, where I have realized how the program is helping children with special needs, individual education plans and learning differences… but who are able to access and work on math covered in the Intermediate stage of mainstream math- children with a desire to work on math but in small portions, math pages with a simple layout and a not-overwhelming feel… helpful and comforting stepping stones for learners with autism, ADHD, math anxiety... or for children who just need a program which feels do-able, one small step at a time.

This is from a parent and teacher of children with Individual education plans:

“What a great resource this is- full of short and sweet, easy to implement mini-lessons that cover everything from grades 4-7. A much needed resource for all learners to make sure the bases are covered for a strong start in high school.” March 2019 

My brain is buzzing with how versatile the program is proving to be… so much so, that I am feeling I need to get straight in my mind which direction to go in first, and realizing I need to think through a strategy of how to go about this next phase…………… and in addition to the audiences I already had in mind, I have had it suggested, and do feel that it could maybe be an INTERVENTION PROGRAM for mainstream G6/7 ??? and a special education staple??? Having these put to me has made me realize that I have a lot of thinking to do…

I have indeed found myself talking a lot to individuals about HOW best to use it for DIFFERENT scenarios. From mainstream fast track and backtrack, from older teens wanting to find something to help them firm up without feeling a failure, from children with learning differences who find it comforting and manageable… to adults wanting to firm up math to help THEM feel better equipped to be able to help their children. I feel that making people aware that I am here to TALK about individual situations might be something I need to put on the website, so I need to think this through this coming week. Happy spring break all.