Sharing a new testimonial/email which made me feel very happy... and a teeny bit tearful if I'm honest

Her book, Bridge the Gap Math was introduced to us and we were able to complete perfectly formed, bite-sized pieces of math that were easy to do and tick off. 'Tick off' being the key here - it wasn't this laborious, never-ending slog of complicated math that would result in glazed eyes and "I'm tired" within 2 minutes. My son will now motivate himself  to complete whatever 'homework' is set. It is painless, he gets it, I can see his mind thinking to learn and understand the math and then complete the tests given over the page. Done, understood, ticked off. Satisfaction achieved.

My son, who only a few months ago had all but given up on school, is now helping other classmates during math. His self-esteem has bounced back. He is applying himself better in other subjects too, not just math. No longer feeling behind and overwhelmed he's confident and positive about his educational future, even talking about pre-calculus!   Zoe, BC Feb 2019

…the pleasure in reading this has made me feel so warm that the program can have this effect on a child… thank you Zoe for taking time to write and send this gem.