Week 4 since book launch and excited for presentation sooooon! on Bowen Island on March 5th at local elementary school. And 5 more presentations in the diary.
Starting to see progress on places the book is reaching, orders and delivery system seems to be working (phew) and generally all feeling exciting and upbeat! Loved being part of the Canadian Online Homeschoolers Conference 6-11 Feb, and now time to ensure I am ready for the local talks.

Today: Can I share a pearl of advice re Times Tables... use the 'pop-up-finger-method' so count up in the chosen Times Table steps whilst popping up a finger for each step (but just nod for 11x and 12x)... and then vary it by touching the ...nose with the finger for each step. Best way I know for Times Table progress.... ALSO: do the 9x Table 'tucking in the finger trick'- it is pure magic! E.g. for 4 x 9, put hands on table and tuck in finger 4... then there are 3 fingers to left and 6 to right... 36! You may know these already but it never fails to amaze me just how many ‘tricks’ there are to learn Times Tables. The most asked question of me as a teacher has been, ‘How can I get my child to know their Times Tables??!!’

Wish me luck in this next phase.  I am needing to think about the bigger picture now, so have some serious thinking to do! I need to find appropriate ways to share this program and book, and so many people have helped me so far. Thank you to you all. Roll on bridging the winter gap to spring.

Want to get going with Times Tables? Start with ‘pop-up-finger-method’ for 2x, 5x, 10x, 11x (beware 11 x 11 and 12 x 11 as they catch us out, so put them onto cards) and then explore 9x trick! Already in place?- move to 3x.