Math priorities?

Time to share a conversation I had with some people when we were talking about the program… they asked me a great question: ‘If you had only 3 hours with a Grade 6 or 7 student who wanted to catch up on some math fundamentals, which concepts would you choose to focus in on?’

Hmmm- well I guess I would check that all the 4 basic mechanics of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are in place to a level where the basics are in place- e.g. the column versions or basic box division, and that the student could count up in 2s and 5s… and then work on one or two other times tables. I would also check basic understanding of 2D and 3D shapes and also perimeter and area. Then I would… if time, move on to adding and subtracting of fractions! Three hours only huh??

Also, I have been working on putting together a very basic short video on how to use the book- it is a bit raw, but people have said it would be helpful. It shows close ups of the book pages, and talks you through how it works. Hope to have this on the website very soon!

Cart now up and running… so books have been going across Canada… but still encouraging local people to connect via email so I can hand deliver for free. Also I have reached the stage of having my presentation/talks outline done, so now just need to work on the delivery! But what will I wear?….